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The Pet Care Industry

Did you know that 95% of pet owners believe their furry loved ones are family?

The pet industry is huge, and it will continue to grow as more and more people look for ways to treat their pets like they’re part of the family. They are searching for professional pet groomer, holistic food, and better pet care options for their pets than are currently out there. This is where a professional animal grooming school comes into play.

The global pet care market was projected to be $131.70 billion in 2016, and, since then, it has grown immensely. North America holds the largest share of the market, contributing millions every year as pet owners invest in dog food, vet care, and pet grooming.

Why Do We Need an Animal Grooming School?

Now more than ever, there is a huge demand for professional, certified pet groomers. People don’t want to trust their beloved pets with just anyone. In fact, they are starting to notice how few requirements there are to get into pet grooming compared to human hair styling. People who go into beauty school spend over a year learning how to effectively and consistently cut and style hair. There are no such requirements for pet grooming, which is why animal grooming schools are starting to appear in different areas of the country in greater numbers. There is even some legislation in the works in Florida requiring pet groomers to get certifications to groom and bathe dogs and cats.

This legislation may go into effect as early as 2020, meaning now may be the best time to find an animal grooming school near you to get ahead of the competition. Here at Dog Grooming USA & Groomer Artist Academy, we offer multiple different courses that can train anyone who wants to be a certified bather, a certified groomer, or do it all as a master groomer. We also have dog obedience 101 classes that teach you how to train your dog. All of our classes are flexible so that every person who is interested in applying can accommodate their lifestyle while also studying to be a pet groomer.

The Mission of Dog Grooming USA & Groomer Artist Academy

Our mission is to create an educational environment that fosters the growth and teaches the skills necessary for the next generation of animal groomers. By offering different programs students can choose from, we are creating options that accommodate everyone’s strengths so they can be the best at their career. Having an animal grooming school that can teach students how to be professionals in the pet care industry could do wonders for their career because they will have the educational background, clinical experience, and certifications to bring to any job interview. We also help students find jobs post-graduation so they can put what they’ve learned to the ultimate test.

How to Apply for Animal Grooming School with Dog Grooming USA & Groomer Artist Academy

We welcome anyone who is over the age of 18 and has a high school diploma or equivalent to apply to be a professional pet groomer. Our certified teachers are experts in pet grooming and pet care, so our students are learning from the best in the business. We don’t offer direct financing for our tuition right now, but we want each and every student to get their dream job in pet grooming, so we do our best to work with students who need financial assistance. Our dedication to our students and to all dogs and cats across the country shows through our facilities, and we encourage anyone interested in working with animals to fill out the form today.

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