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Pet Grooming Classes
Dog Grooming USA Programs

At Dog Grooming USA we offer an extensive dog grooming artist course to prepare you for various aspects of the job. Our diplomas are given based on hours committed to the class and a standard grading system. We give tests to evaluate students’ performance, and we also have clinicals where students will have hands-on experience with real dogs and cats before they can become certified pet grooming professionals. Here is the dog grooming artist class we offer:

  • Become a Certified Dog Grooming Artist.-- 320 Hrs.

In our 320 hour course you’ll learn to be the best in the business. Our course contains everything you need to know to prepare you to be a certified pet groomer by Dog Grooming USA. Our course teaches you everything you need to know about cleaning dogs and cats in a hands-on, salon studio. During this class, you will learn the basics of pet grooming in addition to learning how to use grooming tools and salon equipment. Our program also incorporates pet styling, creative grooming, and even fur coloring techniques for certain breeds. The course will have a final test and clinicals where you practice what you’ve learned.

  • Importance of Learning Dog Obedience

Dog obedience is key when working with any pet. Knowing the proper techniques to both train and handle a pet will ensure your safety as well as the animals safety. When working with a new pet, take time to learn their history, including any behavioral issues, and injuries you should know about.

Short Hair Grooming

Our hands-on grooming and tests and quizzes are all graded by the instructor of the course. We use an A – F grading scale, similar to high schools, to evaluate student progress and skill. People think of their pets as part of the family, so we take our grading very seriously to make sure pet groomers from our program are the best in the industry. Here is the breakdown:

90 - 100 80 – 89 76 - 79 65 - 75 64 0

Beyond the Pet Grooming Classes

We offer career services to our graduates to help them find placements in the pet service industry. The skills our students learn in our pet grooming classes, combined with the connections made with the Dog Grooming USA certified instructors, make them more desirable job candidates in pet grooming.


All applicants to the program must be over 16 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent. If an applicant does not have a diploma, they are not disqualified, but must show proof that they completed at least two years of high school. The most important qualification is that you must enjoy working with animals! Dogs can sense when you don’t want to be around them, so the most important thing about applying in pet grooming classes is that you have to like working with dogs and cats all day long. This is not to say that you need prior pet service experience to take our courses, we created concepts that are perfect for everyone whether you’ve been working with pets for years or you’re just looking to start your career.


We are an independent educational institution to teach pet grooming classes. Our Dog Grooming USA instructors are skilled experts in their fields. Our students leave our facility with advanced understanding and knowledge about pet grooming and the history and philosophy behind it.

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