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About Us

Dog Grooming USA & Groomer Artist Academy was founded with one thing in mind: bringing the same level of attention to your furry friends as you would your real ones. People go through years of schooling to become hairdressers for humans, so why are people cutting corners when it comes to dogs? The way we see it is like this: most pet owners consider their pets to be children in their family, and they will choose an alumni/graduate of a certified school, such as Dog Grooming USA over the average shop that might hire anyone who may or may not have any training.

Why Dog Grooming USA?

We are dedicated to our mission to teach motivated pet lovers how to groom dogs and cats professionally. Dog Grooming USA is founded on these principles:

  • Professionalism. We are dedicated to what we do, and we only hire the best to teach our highly-dedicated students to become professionals in the pet industry.

  • Growth. Students come from all walks of life to learn how to be a pet groomer. We promote growth and leadership through our programs to create the best pet groomers on the market.

  • Self-Confidence. Part of the growth stated above is developing self-confidence in your abilities as a pet groomer. When students leave our school, they will have a positive self-image and self-confidence in their potential career.

  • Opportunity. With new legislation on the horizon that will change the pet grooming industry as we know it, we are offering students the opportunity to get ahead of the competition and become a certified pet groomer in a booming industry.

  • Advancement. We offer a hands-on learning experience to students, so they can learn everything they need to know about the pet service industry and what it really takes to be a pet groomer.

We offer some of the best classes and techniques to make you a professional, well-equipped pet groomer in your area. In addition, if a piece of legislation passes, you could have a head start above the competition who may need proof of course completion and certificate from a school later down the line.

We offer different programs to help you learn what you want to specialize in as a groomer, and we offer a master pet grooming class to teach you how to run everything. We are different than any other dog grooming school because we put pets first in everything we do. Our practices are designed with the utmost care for dogs and cats who need grooming, and, as a result, our students appreciate us and share our mission.

About Our Founder

Eduardo Hernando, our founder, has been adding some significant value to the pet service industry. Starting with his healthy dog food franchise, Jemelli, he has been exploring other ways to help improve the quality of pets’ lives.

Hernando saw the demands of the pet service industry, and through Dog Grooming USA, he is addressing a very big part of it. People want to know that their pets are in good hands when they drop them off to be groomed. PETA discovered that there are pet groomers all over the country who are negligent toward their furry customers – mostly because they don’t actually know or understand their needs. Our dog grooming school is designed to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening, because our students are extensively trained in all things dog and cat grooming.

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