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Dog Grooming USA & Groomer Artist Academy

Exceptional training and career development for the pet service industry

Welcome to Dog Grooming USA & Groomer Artist Academy

Dog Grooming USA is driven to help students become professionals in the pet service industry. Our classes cover everything from bathing basics to dog obedience, so our students become well-versed in all things pet care and service when they leave our pet grooming programs.

There are 70 million dogs and 90 million cats owned in the United States.

This means the demand for pet services like grooming is massive.

Every pet needs to be groomed in some way, and their owners want to make sure their pets are getting the best care possible.

That is why we founded Dog Grooming USA and opened our first campus in Miami as a place to start changing the way we think about pet grooming and the health and safety of dogs and cats.

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Become a Dog Grooming Artist

Become a Dog Grooming Artist today by signing up to our fun and exciting Dog Groomer Artist Training and join the fast growing opportunity in the 90 Billion dollar Pet Industry that is BOOMING! Call or Text for an appointment today!

  • Dog Grooming Spa Day Services

Bring your furry baby in for a spa day to be groomed which includes all services, bathing, anal gland, nails, ears and teeth. They will be very happy you did! Call or Text for an appointment today!

Dog Grooming
  • Doggy Day Care

Have a busy day and don't want to leave your fur baby home alone all day long? We are here to babysit all day with our fun indoor dog park and Doggy Day Care! Call or Text for an appointment today!

  • Doggy Hotel

Leaving on vacation for a fun staycation weekend or a long trip? We are here to help babysit with all of our open "LOOSE DOG" policies and allow your dog to roam freely with other dogs like he is at home for days and weeks while you enjoy your time on vacation. Leave his/her care to us! Call or Text for an appointment today!

Submit an application today!

We look forward to helping you advance your career in an expanding industry.

What Does Our Curriculum Cover?

  • Professional Bathing

Learn everything there is to know about dog and cat bathing. This course prepares students for entry-level positions as a pet bather.

  • Professional Grooming

In this course, we take bathing to the next level. We cover everything in the professional bathing course, and we teach students how to use grooming tools and salon equipment.

  • Master Grooming

This course incorporates advanced skills for pet grooming such as styling, creative grooming, and even fur styling.

  • Dog Obedience 101

Here, students learn the basics of dog training for an entry-level position with dog obedience training. We will teach students the history behind training and the best practices.

Learn more about us

Created by Pets, for Pets

If you want to become a Pet Stylist and you don't know where to start, we have the in-depth training courses and qualifications you need. Our intensive dog grooming courses were designed by pet owners for pet owners. At Dog Grooming USA, students can choose classes for:

  • Professional Bathing
  • Master Grooming
  • Professional Grooming
  • Dog Training

In a Few Words

Dog Grooming USA is part of the larger Hernando Group. This group features companies who are focused in the pet care industry. Another major brand that is part of Hernando Group is Jemelli, a dog food delivery franchise focused on bringing healthy superfoods to dogs all over the country. Dog Grooming USA focus on creating better dog groomers throughout the state of Florida, with goals to expand all throughout America.

Why become a certified dog groomer professional with Dog Grooming USA?

As of right now, there are no requirements to become a pet groomer in most states, especially Florida. This is really concerning because anyone could be taking care of people’s furry loved ones. This could soon change, however, since there’s a new piece of legislation requiring pet groomers to be licensed in Florida. This means that now could be a great time to apply for school to get ahead of the competition.

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